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Wedding invitation with all of the pieces displayed on a wooden table top and florals
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Custom and Semi-Custom Wedding Stationery: How To Decide Which Is The Best Fit For You


In the world of wedding stationery, there are soooo many different types to choose from—custom, semi-custom, templates, digital—you name it, it exists! With all of these choices to choose from, are you having a hard time making a decision? I mean, my gosh, you have so many different options for your wedding already! The last […]

Flat lay view of a wedding invitation suite and all of its pieces on a table.

Knowing what pieces to include in your wedding invitations can sometimes feel a bit confusing and overwhelming. Did you know that there are several pieces in an invitation suite? Yeah, it was news to me, too, when I first started! After being a stationer for several years now, I’ve learned that each and every piece […]

Creating your wedding stationery should be as stress-free as possible. The best advice I could give you is to hire a stationer. Let them help you with things like printing your save the dates or worrying about how much postage you need to mail invitations. After all, you should be spending your time enjoying your […]

wedding invitation flatlay

  Trying to calculate how many wedding invitations to order can feel like a total shot in the dark if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might have a general idea based on how many guests you plan to invite, which is a great start! But, your total number of guests vs. the number […]

invitation suite flat lay on brown cow hide rug

When you’re first starting your wedding stationery, it can feel super overwhelming. Trying to figure out who your inviting, what style of invitation you want, what details you need to include, how much is all of this going to cost, where do you even begin shopping for invitations—the list of questions is never ending, I know! […]

flatlay image of wedding stationery and soft pink florals

Gather & Wander Styled Shoot at Rivers Lodge & Hunt Club Whenever Mal from Wildly Your’s Weddings and Gather & Wander messages me about creating stationery for a styled shoot, my immediate answer is always “YES!”. Hands-down. Always. Forever. All of her shoots are so innovative and definitely don’t shy away from creativity. Literally, a […]

Intimate Elopement at Providence Canyon State Park When Chaise from The Tinsley Co. reached out to me about doing an intimate elopement shoot at Providence Canyon State Park I was instantly like “YES!”. Chaise and I found each other from across the country all thanks to Anna Nunez, who happened to help both of us […]

thank you cards, envelopes and stamps

The #1 Stationery Item You Won’t Want to Forget You’ve sent your save the dates, invitations have also gone out the door, you’re planning your day-of stationery now since the wedding is fast approaching. You’ve got everything covered in the stationery department… right? What are you forgetting? We can tell you right now that there’s […]


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