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Intimate Elopement at Providence Canyon State Park


Intimate Elopement at Providence Canyon State Park When Chaise from The Tinsley Co. reached out to me about doing an intimate elopement shoot at Providence Canyon State Park I was instantly like “YES!”. Chaise and I found each other from across the country all thanks to Anna Nunez, who happened to help both of us […]

east and west designs sketches

There are probably about a million reasons why we chose to rebrand with Anna Nunez, but these are these are our top ten. The last time we chose to tackle a rebrand was back in 2017 when we were first starting our business together. East + West Designs became our new born baby in 2016 […]

girl putting a stamp on an invitation envelope

Growing up, my mom had a basket in the cabinet with the stamps in it. If we had to mail something, we’d just pull that basket down and take out one of the American flag stamps. We’d smack it on an envelope and drop it in the mail. That’s it. Little did I know, there’s […]

couple standing together at wedding altar

If you’re searching for romantic, urban, summer wedding inspiration for your big day—look no further. When Kelsi Kliethermes asked us to be a part of The Authenticity Styled Social we couldn’t say no. Her work, along with the other incredibly talented wedding vendors, is unreal. Not only that, but the vibe she was going for […]

wedding stationery designer working on design plans

Can we be honest with you? Designing stationery for your wedding day can be really hard. For both of us, wedding stationery was one of our biggest stressors …and we do this for a living! Between nailing down all the details, making sure all the addresses were correct, double checking every guest’s name for spelling […]


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