Neutral Fall Wedding Color Palettes

August 15, 2022

Looking for some neutral, Fall wedding color palettes for your big day?

Living in Kansas, I love to feel the air start to crisp, listen to the cicadas start to sing and wrap up in an oversized flannel every day.

But, my absolutely favorite thing about Fall is watching all the trees changes colors. The deep shades of red, rusty oranges and golden yellows. I love them all.

Which is why whenever it comes time to design Fall wedding stationery—save the dates, invitations, day-of—I get sooooo excited.

Creating Fall color palettes for wedding stationery is so much fun. And there are truly endless possibilities!

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral Fall wedding color palette, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are five of my favorite neutral Fall wedding color palettes that you can save and use for your own unique wedding stationery design.

Classic Greenery Color Palette

Various shades of green paired with an off white or ivory is a classic neutral Fall wedding color palette.

This color palette feels natural + welcoming, yet classic and traditional at the same time.

If you’re on the lookout for a timeless color palette for your wedding day, this might just be the one for you.

Boho Vibes Color Palette

Having a boho chic wedding? You’ll love this!

This color palette features greens + ivory with a complimentary shade of terracotta to bring it all together.

This neutral Fall wedding color palette would look so gorgeous with some wild flower elements or even arch shaped cards.

Play with it and see how it could work for your wedding stationery!

Desert-Inspired Color Palette

Eloping in the desert has become a popular wedding trend these days.

This neutral, Fall, desert-inspired color palette would fit this wedding perfectly.

The various shades of green paired with a sky blue and clay terracotta gives instant desert vibes, while still keeping it fairly neutral.

Fall Glam Color Palette

This color palette gives all the Fall glam feels, while keeping it nice and neutral.

This neutral Fall color palette includes all the subtle shades of tan and terracotta with the pop of dusty rose creates a gorgeous girly Fall look.

Deepen it slightly by tossing in a burgundy and you’ll have an even more sophisticated look for your wedding.

Nothing But Neutrals Color Palette

Last but not least, the ultimate neutral Fall wedding color palette.

Made up completely of various shades of tan with a subtle pop of terracotta makes the perfect neutral color palette for any Fall wedding.

Bring in a baby blue, a mid green or a dusty rose for a little bit of color if you wish, or leave it alone for a minimalist look for your big day.

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