The #1 Stationery Item You Won’t Want to Forget

June 26, 2020

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The #1 Stationery Item You Won’t Want to Forget

You’ve sent your save the dates, invitations have also gone out the door, you’re planning your day-of stationery now since the wedding is fast approaching. You’ve got everything covered in the stationery department… right? What are you forgetting? We can tell you right now that there’s one more stationery item you won’t want to forget—thank you cards.


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If I don’t have it on a list, it just doesn’t get done.

And the weeks approaching my wedding were a whirlwind of lists. I had my bachelorette party, then the next weekend was two bridal showers, and then three weeks later was the wedding. Something I completely forgot about adding to my list was thank you cards. And boy, did I need a lot of them! It wasn’t something I had budgeted for or even shopped around for. I ended up getting cards that I didn’t really love the style of, because that’s what I could find in the short timeframe I had.



Don’t make the same mistake I did — order your thank you cards early.

I’d suggest that you order thank you cards about two weeks before your first shower or bachelor/bachelorette party. You’ll need cards for any gift or thoughtful item heading your way, so you might as well have quite a few on hand.

A little friendly tip: Take notes! Even if they’re just on your phone. I thought I was going to be able to remember who got me what, but that was absolutely not the case. If you’re at a shower, ask someone to keep notes for you as you open the gifts and keep all your cards given to you as well. They may help you remember who said what and who gave you which gift. 


Download Your Free Gift Tracker

So you never have to worry about remembering who you need to send a thank you card to, when you need to send it or what they gave you as a gift. Jot it all down in this sweet lil’ free Gift Tracker!


Be sure to send your thank you cards in a timely fashion.

A good rule of thumb is to send the thank you cards within two weeks of getting the gift if it’s given before your wedding. You’re allowed more of a grace period after the wedding, but you’ll want to get those out within three months.

Another quick suggestion: Have fun with it! Put on a movie and just plug away on the thank you cards. Split up the responsibilities between you and your partner so you don’t get any hand cramps! But seriously. Make your notes personal, write a fun antidote or something you remember about them from the shower or the wedding. Thank them for making the trip if they traveled for the wedding or event. Everyone loves getting snail mail, so they’ll love seeing your handwritten card in their mailbox! And they’ll for sure love the personal touch—it shows you truly care.



Now are you ready to order some thank you cards?

We’ve created a collection of thank you cards and matching envelopes on our shop so you can choose a design that coordinates with your already existing wedding stationery. Remember, mine we’re my favorite since I totally forgot about them! Don’t make the same mistake. If you order some now, you can customize them to match. That way you actually like them. It’ll also make it more fun to send them when you love the look of them.

You can shop our thank you card designs + sets here.

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